Monday, July 28, 2008

Seattle Trip

On Friday I took the boys up to Seattle with my Nan, uncle, and my cousin. The boys had such a great time. We had some lunch, people watched, got some ice cream, the usual stuff. Tavin absolutely LOVED listening to all of the musical street performers...there was even some dancing involved on his part, and Oliver enjoyed his view from the stroller.

It seems like everyone in Seattle thinks that they are a "musician", but these guys were SO good! They are called Slimpickins, and they are the best street band I have ever heard. You can check out their stuff here:

Tavin patiently waiting in line to order a cookie.

A little fresh, local color.


chrisncallie said...

Hey, I'm so excited to see you have a blog! I'm even more excited to hear you've moved back across the street from my parents, that's how it's supposed to be :) Stacy, you are really talented! I had no idea, I may have to give you a call next time we're in town to take some pics for us!

Kelli said...

AGAIN, beautiful pics