Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tavin is Three!

Tavin had his third birthday this past week. To celebrate he had a "Cars" themed birthday party. He was quite thrilled with the idea of opening presents. So much so, that he didn't even want to eat any of his birthday cake. He blew out the candles and went straight back to presents. It wasn't until about 8 pm that night (when he was supposed to get into bed) that he remembered the cake and was determined to get a taste! These are some pictures of the excitement. My favorite one is where Brad is holding Oliver and looking at Tavin's new book with him. The look of disdain on Oliver's face is classic. Can a baby really be jealous???? Anyway, it made for a funny picture.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tavin Has a Girlfriend...

Savannah Walker, the girl who has stolen Tavin's heart. Tavin's best friend is Savannah Walker, a girl in his nursery class. They absolutely love playing together. No one can make Tavin laugh like she does. It is adorable to watch them hug and cuddle each other. One day when I was driving Savannah home after a play date, she burst into tears in the backseat. Her mom, Amanda, and I tried to console her and asked her why she was crying. She replied, "We broke up! Tavin and me broke up!" It was the funniest, cutest thing I have ever heard. I am happy to say that they have "stayed friends," and still have regular playdates.

All Hallows Eve

We spent a low-key Halloween at Grandma Jacobsen's house helping her hand out candy to the various miscreants that came to her door. Tavin joined in the fun as we took him trick-or-treating up and down her street. This was a first for Tavin, and after we left the third house or so, he looked down at his bucket and then looked up at us and said, "Wow! We are going to get a lot of candy tonight!" Although he was dressed as a scurvy pirate (2nd year now), Tavin was a most polite trick-or-treater, offering the neighbors compliments and observations such as, "What a beautiful home!" and, after nonchalantly strolling into one of the larger homes, "Look at those stairs!" For those of you who don't know, we are renting a house without stairs (although we have a pretty nifty wheelchair ramp) so stairs never cease to amaze Tavin. Oliver was also a pirate, but squandered his pillaging time passed out on Grandmas bed.


We decided to start this blog to help all of our family and friends keep each other up to date without bombarding everyone with massive amounts of emails featuring numerous pictures of our two boys. This way, you can check-in on us when or if you want, and we don't have to bother anyone!