Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Never have I been so excited... do laundry! I can't, in my entire life, ever really remember being excited to do laundry. Maybe when Brad and I were engaged and I was ecstatic about the idea of being, cleaning, laundry, etc. Funny how we get excited for silly little things like that, then a few poopy onsies, spit-up covered shirts, and grass stained knees on jeans...I began singing a different tune. On any other occasion I would tell you that laundry is my nemisis, tomorrow however, it will be a joy! We have been without a washer and dryer since we moved about 3 weeks ago. We have baskets overflowing with stinky socks and raspberry covered shirts. BUT, thanks to Brad's mom, our new washer and dryer set is being delivered tomorrow!


Kelli said...

Oh yeah! how exciting.

Jessica and Tanner said...

I wish I could get excited to do laundry again! Maybe I will be once we get back to a home of our own with a laundry room all to ourselves. Maybe.

Hey, I saw you this evening! You were taking pictures of a wedding party on Main Street in Sumner. I wanted to roll down my window and say HEY, but I didn't want to interrupt. So, I'm saying "HI" now!

Christia said...

That's so exciting! I am excited to do laundry at my new home :)