Saturday, April 12, 2008


Today we went to the Daffodil Parade downtown. This is the first parade that Tavin remembers going to, and he was absolutely thrilled. Before the parade began, we were walking down the spectator-lined street to our chairs and Tavin thought he was the parade! It was soooo much fun! As you can tell from his expression, this was a very serious event for Oliver. He recently mastered waving, so it was cute to watch him wave at everything going past. He even learned to clap today from watching all of the other people! We saw all sorts of exciting things; classic cars, clowns, floats, fire trucks, and even Tthe boys' cousin Mariah with her junior high marching band. Tavin loved waving his flag at everyone. I love having a child old enough to share these special moments with, he gets more and more fun every day!

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Kelli said...

I really wanted to go, especially since the weather was sooooooo nice for once in a life time! but we had so much going on today. Thanks for bring a bit of it to us.