Thursday, April 3, 2008

April Fools Day and The return of "The Office!"

This year I failed to remember the "holiday" I used to get so excited for as a kid...April Fools Day. Luckily my husband still had enough kid in him to remind me. Anyone who knows us, knows how much we LOVE The Office. We are overflowing with anticipation for it's return next Thursday, so this makes what Brad did to me even worse. He sent me an email from work, I'll let you read it...


I'm writing with bad news but if you've been on the internet you probably already know. Steve Carrel was killed in a car accident this morning! I feel terrible for his family but have to admit that at the same time I am disappointed there will only be a couple new episodes of The Office this season. I read that they might try and continue the show with a replacement, though I thought it was kind of insensitive to even talk about it so early on. I tried to copy and paste the story and the formatting got all messed up. Just scroll down to read it.

Okay, that was a really lame attempt at a trick and I highly doubt you fell for it, but I had to try!

I totally fell for it! Like I mentioned, I forgot it was April Fools Day. My heart was racing and I started to tear up because I felt sooooooo bad! I have to admit though, I like it when he plays tricks on me. Now we are once again eagerly anticipating the arrival of new episodes of The Office.

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Jon & Bridget said...

That was a good one... almost as good as the Snoop Dog becoming a mormon. I totally fell for that until my mom called and said it was an april fools joke :) Would have been cool though.