Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Walkin' the Line

So after many months of encouragement and even some bribery, Oliver has started walking! Last night and most of the day today he has been walking all around the house! Up until yesterday Oliver was nothing but stubborn, throwing tantrums and crying when anyone uttered the word "walk." He would walk when he thought we weren't looking. If he caught us looking at him, or if we encouraged or clapped, he would fall to the ground, throw his head down in between his knees and scream. I guess something clicked in his brain yesterday, because he couldn't be more excited now. He is almost 16 months!


Heather said...

it's about time!

Kelli said...

standing there he looks alot like Tavin

Keren said...

Yay!! Great job Oliver!!!

Thats too funny that we picked the SAME EXACT cake! Of all the thousands of cakes out there too!! Great minds thinks a like I tell ya! *Except I made a boo boo and the box that it came in scraped against the side therefore messing up the frosting...ugh!! But the cake was wonderful, did you get it from Safeway too?

I would LOVE to do the gtg at your place on the 5th! I am so excited!!!....Im trying to think of some other little cutsey things I could come up with besides just nursing wraps...those are pretty specific and I want to do other misc baby things so its not just specified to nursing moms...u know what I mean?? Plus, I will only have 17 or so wraps....(I'll try and get 20-25 though, thats my goal) Time to start bustin them out! lol is there anything you need me to fill out?? Can post anything about it on my blog when the time gets a little closer? Im so excited! Do you usually get a good turnout?? I never thought of having a bazaar like gtg at someones house!! Great idea...what are you going to be "selling"?? I ask b/c on the 22nd and 23rd of Nov, there is a bazaar down here in orting...20.00 for BOTH days, lunch included and you get your own table...I thought that was a pretty good deal...if you're interested let me know!! Show off that AWESOME photography of yours!! And yes, we're getting the cd btw, thank you so much for adding the color to Norahs pic too!! You're awesome! THIS was a long comment :) hehe

Christia said...

Wahoo Oliver!!! That's so great!