Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween

We had a GREAT Halloween this year. We did a little trick or treating around the neighborhood and then went to our ward Halloween party. The party was a carnival theme, and everyone really went all out. Tavin had the best time, and Oliver loved watching all the kids playing in their costumes.

Tavin couldn't decide between his vampire costume and his firefighter costume. So, he ended up wearing both. He said he was a firefighter during the day and a vampire at night because bats are nocturnal! Cute boy!

^I LOVE how classically bad this photo is. It just reminds me of all the bad school photos I had back in my day. I was asked to have a photo booth set up at the ward party for kids to come and get their pictures taken in costume. Tavin was my first victim.

^Oliver's turned out a little better!

^Our little shark! I taught him to growl every time someone said the word "shark". It was way too cute!

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Christia said...

This wasn't even at preschool! Those moms seemed nice and cool! The freaking park!