Friday, September 19, 2008

Welcome to Preschool

Yesterday was Tavin's first day of preschool! It was a huge step for him. Wednesday night Brad and I were trying to explain to him what would happen at preschool the next day, but he would have NOTHING to do with it. It was one of the saddest sights...his bottom lips started to shake and his eyes got huge and welled up with tears. He really didn't want to go. BUT when we arrived at preschool the next day, he couldn't be happier. He didn't even care about saying goodbye to me, he just ran into his classroom and asked where the cars were! Of course I had to snap a few pictures. I had literally about 30 seconds to take these before Tavin disappeared.

^Hanging up his coat, on the hook with his name on it, outside the classroom.

^Parents aren't allowed in the classroom for drop off (to make the separation easier), so I stood in the doorway with my camera.

I picked him up a few hours later and asked how preschool was. Holding hands as we crossed the parking lot to the van, he looked up at me with his eyes dancing and exclaimed, "Great! I think I am ready to drive the car now!" I told him that I had to drive because he wasn't old enough, and he argued, "but I am in high school now!!!" I just had to give him a big squeeze for the cuteness factor.

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Kelli said...

so cute. I love T. Which preschool is he going to? B is loving school also