Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Little Monster

Tavin has been pretty obsessed with Halloween lately, especially with the idea of vampires. For the past month he has been saying that he wants to be a vampire for Halloween. We have been searching high and low for a child size vampire costume. I guess the classics just aren't in style anymore, because each trip we came up empty handed. I know that it would be really easy to just make a black cape, but I wanted a costume with a little more ooomph! Yesterday we were victorious! We found the only child size vampire costume in the whole store! Needless to say Tavin was THRILLED. As soon as we got home, he tore off his clothes and jumped right into his costume. Then we made some brownies for dessert. Here is the combination of the two...

Since, Tavin has been riding his bike up and down our street trying to scare anyone who crosses his path. When I tell him, "I love you." He states frustratedly, "But I'm a vampire and vampires are scary!" I guess he is a little macho for my love right now.


Kelli said...

so funny. You know they go from being 2.5 or less and have such baby faces and then at 3 and above the are no longer our babies. Boo Hoo

Christia said... my blog.

PS Tavin's costume is FABULOUS!

Christia said...

Stace, it was pretty bad. I was pretty depressed and didn't do much for the first three months. I'm glad that I realized what was going on and decided to make some changes :) I miss you! We are hoping to come home for Christmas! And I'll be up for sure in March, for Elizabeth's wedding!