Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Oliver is completely and totally in love...with balloons! This one is like his best friend. It takes the jaws of life to pry the string out of his hand. He eats, nurses, crawls, and even sleeps holding on to it! It is hilarious to watch him shake and curl his toes in excitement when a balloon crosses his store are the best! I think his first real word might very well be "balloon." Yesterday we were playing in the back yard, and he let this beloved balloon slip from his fingers. I was waiting for the screams as it began to float into the wild blue yonder. Instead of crying, he burst out laughing! It was too cute!

I realize there have been a lot of posts and pictures about Oliver lately, but Tavin refuses to let me take his picture! I will keep trying...don't give up on him!

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Kelli said...

I clicked on it to make it bigger and it make Bridger bust up laughing at that bottom right pic, oh so cute. I just love him